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Keeping a workplace neat and tidy can be quite challenging and time-consuming. At Feel Safe Maintenance, we can offer you a solution that will make things easier for you – our well-formulated and affordable commercial cleaning service. We are based in Stockton, CA and if you own a business in the area, give us a call to watch us work our magic. We provide quality janitorial building maintenance you will be happy with, guaranteed.

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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning
We can clean different types of commercial establishments from top-to-bottom. Our cleaners will make sure your workplace leaves a good impression on your customers and business partners, as well as offer an enjoyable environment for your employees. Our office cleaning services are affordable and budget-friendly. 

Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services
You can completely delegate to us your cleaning duties. Our janitorial services are tailored per the highest standards of the industry and will help you maintain your building in excellent condition. We can come and clean your property as frequently as you desire.

Power Washing

Power Washing
Grimy exterior features are bad for business. We can keep your facade, parking lot, fence, roof, gutters, and other outdoor surfaces spotless with our power washing services. We can remove stains, marks, cobwebs, and other blemishes without any complications and costly delays. 


Apart from cleaning your outdoor areas, we can also handle the maintenance of your landscape. With our help, your customers, business partners, and employees will always be welcomed by colorful and well-groomed open spaces that add to the curb appeal of your commercial establishment.

Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning
While we specialize in commercial cleaning, we can also assist homeowners with their maintenance duties. We have the tools and experience to keep your house neat and tidy so that you and your family can live in a healthy environment. 

One-Time Cleaning

One-Time Cleaning
You can request our assistance for a one-time janitorial service. We take pleasure in assisting our neighbors and friends with their cleaning projects because we know and understand how important it is to keep a property in proper condition. We are ready to help you.

Complete Assistance

Unlike other janitorial companies in Stockton, CA that offer limited assistance, we offer a complete building maintenance package. We won’t only sweep your floors and leave. We will take the dust, remove stains, treat your outdoor areas, vacuum the carpeting, mop the floor, and more. Whatever your needs are, we have them covered.

Dependable Cleaners

Our commercial cleaning service and other options are provided to our clients by our team of capable and hard-working professionals. At Feel Safe Maintenance, we have equipped our workers with cutting-edge instruments and quality products that allow them to render spotless heavily sullen, and stained areas. Choose our top-notch building cleaning options.

Call us over the phone if you require more information or wish to benefit from our assistance. With over 40 years of excellence in the industry, we are confident in meeting your needs.


Client’s Testimonial

by Jordan V. Infantino on Feel Safe Maintenance
A+ Services

Since I decided to entrust you with my building maintenance duties, my place of work is always in excellent condition. I haven't seen a stain or dust particle in months thanks to you. 

Feel Safe Maintenance
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Phone: (209) 215-5912

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