Make Use of Our Expert Post-Construction Janitorial Cleanup

If you’re building additions or remodeling your place of business, there will surely be plenty to clean up once the work is finished. Instead of doing the work yourself, be sure to turn to Feel Safe Maintenance! Our team can perform detailed post-construction janitorial cleanup services that always meet expectations. At competitive rates, we can have your new commercial property in Stockton, CA ready for use in no time!

The Benefits of Hiring Construction Cleanup Experts

Construction efforts can certainly leave a big mess behind. It’s not advised to clean all that up on your own because there are certain dangers involved, such as breathing in dust and paint fumes, stepping on nails or other loose debris, and much more. Specialists are properly equipped to circumvent those dangers and will handle the work safely and efficiently. Additionally, a seasoned team will do a more in-depth job and complete the process in a timely manner. This means that you can start using your newly-remodeled or built commercial space sooner.

How We Take Care of the Work

Feel Safe Maintenance has invested in professional equipment that makes all cleaning processes faster and more efficient. Our competent team wears the necessary protective gear and handles each task with an organized approach. We clean up any loose debris first before beginning to work on the finer details. We then move on to cleaning up all the remaining sawdust, dirt, dust, and finer contaminants. All surfaces are wiped down using the appropriate cleaning products. We take care of the finer details such as removing paint spots from the floors and light switches. The goal is to fully prepare the new space for use in a timely fashion. Quality is guaranteed!

To take advantage of our excellent post-construction janitorial cleanup services, set up an appointment with Feel Safe Maintenance at your earliest convenience. We look forward to doing an exceptional job for all our clients in Stockton, CA. Contact us today at (209) 215-5912!